Friday, September 25, 2009

doctor doctor

I like doctors. Mostly. They remind me of this game we played many moons ago, "doctor doctor". The idea was simple.Get the patient. Needless to say, I was invariably the doctor and my kid sister the patient. Afsos, Munni Bhagwan ko pyari ho gayi.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The C word

I have a confession to make.Maybe a blog is not the best place to do this.But well, neither is the 21st century. So what the hell. You know, I have never taken anything seriously in my life.Sounds apologetic, but it's true. As a student I never took my studies very seriously. I always thought the Indian education system tested memory rather than testing intelligence. And my memory wasn't too good. As a professional, I dont take my work very seriously. Folks I know get back home every everning, and hit that preferred peg of whisky. I prefer a game of badminton, followed by a nice hot water bath. I dont take what others say too seriously, either. Somebody says, try this, another says eat that,nah. Last but not the least, I dont take myself too seriously, serious. I mean, set your own targets and reach them(that's how one learns). You dont neccessarily need to agree with everything I say, just because I happened to be born a few years before you. Its not your fault.
So when I heard I had cancer, I didnt take it very seriously. I just said, hell theres some trouble inside my tummy, lets get it out! And you know, this is my biggest weapon. So when I have good days, I smile. When I have bad ones, I smile less. But I try and smile. And hang around people who make me smile. Most don't. They get too intimidated about the C word. About why did it have to happen to me, what terrible fate is this etc etc. Avoid the clatter. Stick to being you. And like I said, don't take anybody seriously. Except your doctor. Occasionally.