Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The C word

I have a confession to make.Maybe a blog is not the best place to do this.But well, neither is the 21st century. So what the hell. You know, I have never taken anything seriously in my life.Sounds apologetic, but it's true. As a student I never took my studies very seriously. I always thought the Indian education system tested memory rather than testing intelligence. And my memory wasn't too good. As a professional, I dont take my work very seriously. Folks I know get back home every everning, and hit that preferred peg of whisky. I prefer a game of badminton, followed by a nice hot water bath. I dont take what others say too seriously, either. Somebody says, try this, another says eat that,nah. Last but not the least, I dont take myself too seriously, serious. I mean, set your own targets and reach them(that's how one learns). You dont neccessarily need to agree with everything I say, just because I happened to be born a few years before you. Its not your fault.
So when I heard I had cancer, I didnt take it very seriously. I just said, hell theres some trouble inside my tummy, lets get it out! And you know, this is my biggest weapon. So when I have good days, I smile. When I have bad ones, I smile less. But I try and smile. And hang around people who make me smile. Most don't. They get too intimidated about the C word. About why did it have to happen to me, what terrible fate is this etc etc. Avoid the clatter. Stick to being you. And like I said, don't take anybody seriously. Except your doctor. Occasionally.


  1. I have a confession to make too. I am older than you, perhaps more educated as well. But I have learnt from you. I have learnt that there are ways of facing troubles, not taking them 'seriously' as you say, that are better than taking them 'seriously'. To face a trouble with an attitude of taking care of it and at the same time going on in life with a smile is any day better than filling one's mind with clatter. You are right, dear Atish, that this is your strong weapon. This will see you through and through you all of us who care dearly for you.
    Yours, Bhaisaheb

  2. Atisha! Being your most dedicated bhakt, I will never take you seriously, EVER!
    On a (marignally) more serious note, I'm so happy to see you blogging. Big Nalmut! Neha Rani.

  3. Atish Hero,

    I always admired your carefree attitude of life n your Bindas nature. These r
    the very traits that will help u pass through the C phase of your life. As Bob Dylan once said "Life is what happens to you while you are busy planning for

    As in life it's imperative for us to dominate the disease than let it dominat us, which I am sure you r doing.

    The blog is a great idea to get your creative juices flowing in a reflective personal manner. I like all of us are your followers n admirers and are waiting to have a drink w u once this is behind us. Not to mention a game
    of badminton too is pending.

    Writing this from Chicago Airport waiting to catch another flight to NY. Looking forward to seeing you on my return.

    Take care n let me know what you r reading.

    Love, Pradeep Bhaiyya.

    Pradeep Bhaiyya

  4. Oye Atisha Batisha,this is what I love about you,honesty and masti.C doesnt have a chance with you.Dont take it too seriously and it will not affect you seriously.We love you and will take care of you seriously.Keep your spirits high, lots of love Didu

  5. Hey Atish,
    It was a joy to meet you yesterday along with family.Thanks for your cheerfulness and your sharing on this blog. I loved what you have written. Reminds me a bit of Osho's perspective on life. Also of how the book "A Course in Miracles" begins:
    "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.Herein lies the peace of God"

    "Atish" is another name for the magnificent fire of wisdom which is our Real and Whole Self. This is eternal and can never be threatened.It is eternall healed(Whole). Infact, it is the very Source of healing ,balancing, restoring the bodymind and other parts of the whole system.
    Here's wishing you a constant remembrance of Atish, a great Navratra and a happy International day of Peace.
    Hugs,Blessings and Love
    Arun uncle

  6. At-a-boy, dear Atish-- so wise in your opposition to seriousness that you are an object lesson to all of us. Keep it up and keep going! Thanks for sharing the secret of your strength with us. Love you, Srobonabhabhi

  7. Hi Atish,
    Srobona Bhabhi tried to send the note above to you from my laptop the other day. Just to say I shall cook four kinds of chicken for you whenever you can come here next.
    Love from Sajni aunty

  8. hey hey hey i love ur optimism and attitude! Scare away the C word you will!! keep smiling as ever.
    lots of love

  9. hamara bhi time aayega kaalia. As you once told me :)

  10. Whoever said you have to take anything seriously??? as long as you can laugh at stuff, you are doing great. knowing you ... i have always found you very upbeat... keep it that way .. always!!!

  11. Atish it was great talking to you and your exhuberance was infectious.Great that you have shared the secret of taking the bull by its horns.Keep it up!Thumbs up for the 15th.


  12. Atishoo ji.
    Dude, you are funny...and there is not doubt if anybody can beat the crap out of this cancer it is you. :-)) Take care

    BTW, I was in Pune for so long--how come you never took me to play baddy?